Whimsical Adventure

A fun way to learn about DNA!

“Hey Louey, what shape should I be today?" she asked, bouncing up and down in front of a full-length mirror...

And so begins the adventure of Cloud Chloe, her Cat Louey, and their unique forest friends.

Welcome to the world of Cloud-Named-Chloe and her guardian cat, Louey.

In a whimsical world of science adventures, Chloe and Louey are explorers and inventors. A peck of curiosity, a splash of creativity, a journey afar, and... voilà… a marvelous thing happens! This time they will use DNA to design and create a unique gift.

Their team is unique: blue rabbits Pom and Pima, wise spirit bears Ulima and Ray, a tiny creature named Abacus the 8th and many others. Among green hills and sweet lilacs of their land, they find a grand adventure—to create an unusual gift that has never existed. Using imagination and science, the friends dream up something truly extraordinary. Can they create it? Of course they can, but how? What secrets will Nature reveal? What strange places will they travel to?

Join them to find out!

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“A cozy, kid-friendly approach to collaborative, creative, and innovative problem-solving.” (Kirkus Reviews)

"The characters are endearing and inspiring. Children will learn good qualities from each character, including curiosity, kindness, persistence, and a love for knowledge."
(5-star review. Readers Favorite. )

Young readers will love experiencing in a playful, story-driven way:
• Fun of teamwork
• Brainstorming ideas
• Primer on creative thinking and DNA
• Biodiversity of animals, plants, and other living things
• And above it all warmth of family and love.


This Audiobook is a story that will last.
A 3.5-hour long, professionally narrated audiobook version. Kids will listen to their favorite chapters again and again. A whimsical adventure that will last.
The story is thoughtfully divided into 21 chapters, many ending at the end of the day on the adventure path.
Curious to see the table of contents?
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Responsive e-book format allows you to set the font size and type. Read on its own or let kids read along while listening to the audiobook.
*In some countries, Amazon offers an audiobook price discount to customers who already own the e-book.


Two paperback editions:

  • 8.5" x 8.5"

  • 6" x 9"

Both editions are lovingly decorated with 40+ full page black and white illustrations for kids to color and add their personal touch to the story.
Hours of family fun reading and coloring.


A perfect gift for any occasion:

Make this 6" x 9" glossy-cover edition to be their first hardcover book. They will cherish it for years!

Table of content

Fun and Imagination worked hand in hand to create these chapter names :)

Science is beautifully woven into the story. With every turning page, the team explores Nature to invent the future. Each chapter adds something curios to the plot.

Table of Content

  • Chapter I: The Melody of Forest Dreams

  • Chapter II: Pom and Pima Have a Plan

  • Chapter III: The Withered

  • Chapter IV: Library in the Mushroom House

  • Chapter V: The Power of Pencils

  • Chapter VI: The Pancake Feast

  • Chapter VII: Optimize, Pima, Optimize!

  • Chapter VIII: The Cypher of the Look

  • Chapter IX: A New Family Member – Tewukule, Abacus the 8th

  • Chapter X: The Paws to Match

  • Chapter XI: Annabelle-Annie – The Goat to Travel With

  • Chapter XII: The Road to the Mountain Highs

  • Chapter XIII: Meet the Code Keepers: Hee-Hee, Dee-Dee, Goo-Goo, Hoo-Hoo…

  • Chapter XIV: Little GiGi Surprises Everyone

  • Chapter XV: The Kitchen of Matt and Simon

  • Chapter XVI: Very-Very Green and Very-Very Round

  • Chapter XVII: Back to Library in the Mushroom House

  • Chapter XVIII: Ears to Measure

  • Chapter XIX: Short, Tall, Big, Small and Outright Weird

  • Chapter XX: The Wise Mechanics to Behold

  • Chapter XXI: The Gift Is on Its Way


More than two years and a lot of thinking, drawing, and re-drawing went into designing the characters for this story. Each one is unique and each one has its unique place in the story.

Here are just few selected drawings from more than 40 full page illustrations in the book. Drawings are black and white so kids can add their touch to the story by coloring them. Spark your child's creativity - buy a Coloring Companion or download some free coloring pages!

Explore 50+ unique story drawings accompanied by inspiring book quotes to spark your child's imaginaExplore 50+ unique story drawings accompanied by inspiring book quotes to spark your child's imagina

Explore 50+ unique story drawings accompanied by inspiring book quotes to spark your child's imagination.

  • Open lines provide freedom for kids to engage with the drawing in their own unique way. They invite young artists to go beyond coloring and become co-creators, adding their own drawings and elements.

  • Each left page features the same creatively designed logo, helping your child develop essential hand-eye coordination through repetition in a fun and imaginative way.

  • Give your child the gift of endless creativity and watch their artistic spirit soar. 'Color the Forest Adventure' is not just a coloring book; it's an invitation to a world of boundless imagination.

The Coloring Book Companion

Decisions, decisions...

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